Some of the best electric cars of 2015

If you are enviroment-conscious and you are considering buying one of the eco-friendly electric cars available in the market, you might want to take a look at some of the best ones released during the last year to make sure your new car is as updated and current as possible. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Tesla Model S Saloon: If you are looking for an affordable model this one isn’t for you because it has a starting price of £57,000. However, what makes this one of the best electric cars of 2015 is the fact that, apart from being very luxurious, it’s very powerful and it comes with a great touchscreen. Also, it’s very easy to handle and very safe.

2. BMW i3 Hatchback: This extremely practical car has a starting price of about £30,000 and its build is simply flawless. Also, you will manage to drive for about 130 miles without having to recharge it which is very convenient because you will save money.

3. Volkswagen e-up! Hatchback: This lovely car could be yours for about £24,000 and it’s ideal if you are planning on driving it mostly through your city thanks to how small it is in size.

4. Volkswagen e-Golf Hatchback: This is pretty much just the electric version of the petrol-powered Volkswagen Golf and it has a very decent starting price of £31,000. The only thing many of those who own this car have complained about is the fact that with this model you won’t be able to drive for more than 110 miles without having to recharge its batteries.

5. Ford Focus Electric Hatchback: One of the reasons why this is one of the most popular and best electric cars of 2015 is the fact it has a very attractive starting price of just about £24,000. However, many people have complained about the fact that the heavy batteries installed in it make it hard to handle sometimes.

6. Kia Soul Hatchback: If you want to buy one of the most affordable electric cars in the market, this is the one for you. With a starting price of £13,000, this model is pretty spacious which makes it very comfortable both for the driver and for anyone else that might be in the car. Also, this car is pretty light which means it’s very easy to drive.