Everything you need to know before getting a breakdown cover

before getting a breakdown cover

Whoever owns a car knows how stressful it is to know you might have a problem with it all of a sudden while you are on the road. That is why most people decide to buy a breakdown cover, because it can give you peace of mind since you could be rescued at any time of the day if you had a problem.

The first thing about every breakdown cover out there that you should know is the that they all offer roadside recovery and roadside rescue which means you would be assisted in case your vehicle broke down during your journey.

You should really consider getting a breakdown cover if you use your vehicle on a daily basis, if your vehicle is too old or if you usually drive at night or through very remote areas where you might not be able to get any help in case your vehicle simply broke down.

Another important thing you should know is that there is more than one type of breakdown cover. The most popular one is the standard breakdown cover because it’s the most affordable one. You can choose the options you want and pay your annual fee which gives you the right to get assistance every time you may need it during a whole year.

Also, if you buy a standard breakdown cover you can choose between a personal breakdown cover or a vehicle-based cover. If you buy a personal breakdown cover your policy will cover you in any car you might be driving, which makes it the ideal option if you travel all the time using different vehicles. The vehicle-based cover will only cover the car you choose to be covered.

The other type of cover is called pay and claim which means your breakdown cover company will get in touch with the closest recovery service to where you need to be assisted. You will have to pay for their services and then you will have to claim the bill to your breakdown cover company which will then give you back your money. Although not as comfortable as the standard type of breakdown cover, this is the most affordable option out there.