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Why People Prefer Free SIM Cards

With free SIM cards, you can subscribe to cheap call and text rates. Despite the fact that some people prefer using SIM Only, there is a need that you should consider moving to new pay with the new SIM card since it is associated with some advantage.

The advantages of having free SIM cards

· So long as you have topped up the free SIM cards, you will be affiliated with the network. This makes it possible for you to shop around.

· For each top up, there is a bonus. Therefore, you will have more than enough free data.

· With these cards, there is a possibility of getting free credit.

· It is a good tester since there is an option of trying the free SIM cards to the connectivity within your area.

The disadvantages of free SIM cards

· There are moments that using a free SIM card can be inconvenient since you cannot use them unless they are topped up.

· It is quite expensive for longer calls.

· There are moments that you will have limited coverage within your locality if you switch to different networks.

The merits of these cards out-do their disadvatages that is why people still preffer them and are buying them in large numbers.

Where to get the free SIM Cards?

There are several companies that offer the free SIM cards to their customers. Some of these companies include O2, Orange, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile. With the cards, the customers get up to 1000 free text messages and international call rates are low. Also, it is cheap to call any UK mobile network using these cards.


These SIM cards come with several excellent opportunities that allow the users to save money as well as enjoy the free calls, internet access as well as text messages. If you are a regular mobile user, the free SIM cards will be the best option for you.

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