The best small cars of 2015

These days most small cars are a good deal for people who don’t want to spend large amounts of money yet they want a well-designed car that has everything a good car needs to have. Some extremely great small cars have come out this year and we are going to take a look at some of the best just for you:

1. Mazda 2: You can buy this car for just around £11,995 which is an extremely tempting price, especially because, apart from being a beautiful model, it comes with many different gadgets and it can reach a top speed of 106mph.

2. Ford Fiesta: This one is a total classic and the model released this year has nothing to envy to the older ones. With a starting price of £10,145 and a top speed of 112mph, this car is extremely well-equipped and compact yet powerful.

3. Suzuki Swift: Can you believe this car costs just about £8,999? It also reaches an incredible top speed of 121mph and it’s very fun to drive. However, some people have complained that its economy could be slightly better but for that price we must admit it’s a really great car.

4. Peugeot 208: This is Peugeot’s best-selling car and we can see why. With a starting price of about £11,695 and a top speed of 109mph, this is one of the best small cars of the year without a doubt thanks, partly, to all the great gadgets it is equipped with.

5. Hyundai i20: This sophisticated car has a starting price of £10,695 and, although its top speed is of just 99mph, it’s one of those cars you can feel really safe in and the manufacturers must believe so themselves since it comes with an incredible five year warranty which very few cars offer.

6. Fiat Panda: This car is a total classic, isn’t it? And after all these years it’s still one of the most loved small cars. It has a starting price of £9,275 and it reaches a pretty impressive top speed of 110mph.