The advantages of the Multi fuel Stove

A multi fuel stove, has a special system that allows you to burn different fuels such as wood, little sticks, wood chips, briquettes, charcoal, pellets and seeds.

The multi fuel stove, also called omnivorous, is the ideal solution for heating and production of hot water with a high energy saving and a low pollution level.
The benefits of choosing a multi fuel stove are:
– possibility of using several fuels;
– no risk of running out of fuel;
– save on fuel, choosing every time what is on offer with a lower price;
– choose the most suitable fuel for the required heat output at certain times;
– aesthetics perfectly adaptable to any style of furniture, space and size of the rooms;
– possibility to connected to a central heating system of radiators already existing;
– possibility of using the conduit of the traditional fireplace for discharging flue gas.
It’s necessary to design, achieve or change the entire heating system for use the widest range of fuels, not only timber and pellets of any quality, but also olive pits and other fruits, sunflower seeds, shells of almonds and walnuts or other materials that produce high amounts of ash, with consequent difficulty of combustion and possible clogging. Furthermore the various materials have properties of combustion and requirements of ventilation different.
For this reason, you should choose a multi fuel stove of the latest generation and of high quality equipped with:
– tank for the automatic feeding of fuel;
– device to adjust type of ventilation and with automatic cleaning system;
– system for the rapid production and forced circulation of hot water for sanitary services;
– electronic control unit which allows you to program the ignition, the shutdown and the automatic feeding of fuel. The manual ignition is performed only the first time, thereafter the boiler restarts autonomously at any time.
It’s better to rely on a professional to carefully consider the energy needs of the house to be heated, and evaluate the best location where to install the multi fuel stove.

[Photo: worldstores.co.uk]