Some of the best small cars of 2015

Owning a car becomes a necessity to many people but not everyone is ready to spend large amounts of money in one. If that is your case and you are planning on using yours mostly to drive around your city, we suggest you take a look at our list of some of the best small cars that have come out in 2015:

1. Volkswagen Polo: The 2015 version of this extremely popular car has a starting price of £14,000 which is more than decent considering this model mixes good running costs with a high quality build and practicality. It is also very eco-friendly and it comes equipped with a touchscreen with Bluetooth, USB and DAB radio.

2. MINI: Very few small cars out there are as cute and sophisticated as the MINI which has a starting price of £15,300. The 2015 model is slightly bigger than previous versions and it has three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines created by BMW apart from a very retro design for its interior.

3. Skoda Fabia: This car not only is more spacious than other small cars, it’s also extremely comfortable and it has a great design. All of this for an incredible starting price of just £11,000.

4. Ford Fiesta: This is yet another classic small car that has been popular for years and that won’t stop being popular for a long time, partly, thanks to its starting price of just £14,000. It comes equipped with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost turbo petrol engines which makes it very powerful as well as with many gadgets.

5. DS 3: If you are under your 30s, there is a big chance you know someone who owns this car because it has proved to be extremely popular among young people thanks to its attractive price and to its modern design.

6. Audi A1: This beautiful car is more expensive than other small cars (it has a starting price of about £19,000) but you must keep in mind that it has been created by one of the most prestigious car brands in the world. Not only this car is extremely powerful, its running costs are also pretty impressive and it comes with a very cool pop-up sat-nav screen.