Disadvantages of hybrid cars

Over the last decade, more and more people are deciding to stop using regular cars and to buy hybrid cars instead. Of course, there are many advantages to owning one of these but, just like with everything else in life, there are also many disadvantages and we want you to know about them in order to help you make up your mind on whether to buy a regular car or a hybrid one.

1. Hybrid cars have got two different engines: one powered by electricity and another powered by petrol. However, the petrol-powered engine isn’t as big as the one found in regular cars which means that this type of car is less powerful and is only ideal to drive around the city.

2. Another disadvantage of hybrid cars is their price since they can cost about £5,000 more than regular cars.

3. Since hybrid cars have two different engines and a pack of batteries installed in them, manufacturers have had to come up with ways to fit all these things into the car and they have done so by reducing the space on the inside of the car which can get a little uncomfortable.

4. There aren’t many mechanics who are experts on fixing hybrid cars which means that finding one who will be able to fix yours might be tricky. Also, these cars have a higher maintenance cost than regular cars.

5. Remember that hybrid cars have batteries installed in them which have high voltage in them. That means that if you were to suffer an accident you could get electrocuted by the high voltage of the batteries which might be lethal. This would also make it harder for rescuers to get you and anyone else that might be in the car out of it.

6. Hybrid cars are heavier because of the two engines and the battery pack they come with, which makes them harder to drive and, also, this means they have to waste more energy in order to be driven.

7. If you live in a very cold area, using hybrid cars to move around is not a wise idea because their batteries get easily discharged because of low temperatures