Advantages and disadvantages of small cars

As with everything in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages about small cars and we have made a little list so you can find out about all of them to help you make up your mind about whether to buy one or not.


1. Since small cars have smaller engines than average cars and are also lighter, they don’t need as much petrol to work which means you will manage to save some money.

2. The fact these cars are so small means they are much easier to maneuver so you will be able to drive around narrow streets and to find an empty parking slot for your car much easier than if you were driving a bigger car.

3. Another factor that makes small cars extremely attractive is the fact their prices are much lower than the prices of bigger, more powerful cars. In fact, many of these cars cost as little as £10,000 which is seriously incredible.

4. And if you care about the environment (and you really should), by owning a small car you will be emitting less gases into the environment and you will be helping to prevent global warming from becoming even more of an issue.


1. One of the biggest disadvantages about owning a small car is the fact they are not as safe as normal cars because, in order to reduce costs and space, they are not equipped with some standard safety measures.

2. Of course, the space available in a small car is not much, which means that, if you have a big family or you are planning on having one, owning such a small car might end up being a problem. Also, if you are used to traveling by car and you like to pack it with pieces of luggage, you will find a small car isn’t a great idea.

3. You should always be careful when driving, but it must be said that small cars are not as fast as regular cars which is one of the reasons why many people decide against them.

4. Since small cars are cheaper than bigger ones, many people can afford them which means that the number of cars circulating around our cities increases together with pollution.