Friday, May 24, 2019

What You Need to Know About Multi Fuel Stove

Meaning of a multi fuel stove

As its name suggests, a multi fuel stove implies the unit can burn various fuels. In the same stove, you can use wood logs, smokeless fuels, anthracite, or briquettes. However, all these fuels are referred to as solid fuels. What this means is that they are neither gas nor oil. Multi fuel stoves are sometimes known as solid fuel stoves.

One of the advantages of multi fuel stoves is the flexibility of using different fuels. You can choose to use one type of fuel or switch between them according to your preference. This eventually enables you to find the type of fuel that is more convenient to your needs in terms of cost and availability. For instance, if you need the stove for home use, you may go for a smaller or medium size. For institutional purposes, you can buy a bigger size of stove to accommodate your needs.

Features of multi fuel stoves

On outward appearance, a multi fuel stove and a wood burning stove look similar. Multi fuel stoves also have efficiencies and heat outputs similar to wood burning stoves. Even the technology used in both models is the same, as they both have airwash and cleanburn provisions. These features make the stoves to burn cleaner and provide a wide flame view as well as enhanced efficiency.

Designs of multi fuel stoves

Different types of multi fuel stoves are available in the market. They include both traditional and contemporary models. If you want something basic, you can go for the traditional designs because they have fewer features and less detail. The contemporary designs embrace more features and can be customized based on client’s requirements. When you buy multi fuel stoves, it is advisable to purchase from a recognized dealer, as that is the best way to get genuine products that can function at their optimum and can last longer.

Smoke control areas

For users in smoke control areas, multi fuel stoves are still applicable, as long as they are approved and used according to guidelines put in place by relevant authorities. Alternatively, you can use the stoves with smokeless fuels. When you opt for smokeless fuels, you can find out from relevant companies what fuels are suitable for your type of stove.