Friday, May 24, 2019

What to Know Before You Buy Electric Car

Before You Buy Electric Car

Where can you buy electric cars? The current generation of electric cars is available from various car manufacturers. It is advisable to start your search from the local dealership. Even if the cars are not in stock, they can arrange to order from the manufacturer.

When selecting a dealer for electric car, it is advisable to consider the availability of a service center for your car, and the range that your car can support. Remember electric cars are new in the market and your local mechanic may not be able to service your model. Electric car versus Petroleum or diesel car Electric cars and conventional cars are similar in that both require servicing and refueling. However, in electric cars, there is less servicing because the cars have less number of moving body parts. In an electric vehicle, the battery is the most expensive part, which is similar to an engine in a conventional car. Recharging is done at electric points that can be at your house or around the area.

Charging electric cars If you own a complete electric car, it is necessary to recharge regularly as the vehicle runs out of power. However, some electric cars are hybrid, which means they come with a conventional diesel or petrol engine that takes over when electric power runs out. Similarly, some models also come with range-extending generator. In such models, you may not worry much about recharging regularly.

Frequency of charging depends on your daily travel mileage and the range that your car can support. Charging of an electric car usually takes between 6 and 8 hours depending on the car’s technology and the electric supply you use. However, high performance chargers also exist, with industrial strength, which can charge the car up to 80 per cent between 30 and 45 minutes. How far can you go in an electric car? Electric cars are designed to cover various ranges in mileage. For instance, it can cover 100 miles in one charge or more. Certain factors such as extreme not or cold temperatures can lower the range. Before you buy, it is important to liaise with your dealer or manufacturer to find out all the features about the car, if they suit your requirements. [Photo:]