Top Electric Cars to Buy in 2016

BMW i8

With EPA-rated fuel economy of 28 miles per gallon, this model is one of the best electric cars you can consider buying in 2016. The BMW i8 comes with many features that make it earn a top position among the best hybrid cars in 2016. In addition to the fuel economy, the car has a trunk volume of 4.7 cubic feet, making it ideal for four passengers seated. Many car reviewers suggest that the car is versatile and if you intend to change into a sports car, you can easily do it. It can cover electric range of fifteen miles, with a drive train of four years and up to fifty thousand miles.

2016 Porsche Panamera

With a trunk volume of 11.8 cubic feet, fuel economy of 28 miles per gallon, and electric range of 16 miles, Panamera is one of the best hybrid cars that you can consider buying in 2016. Instead of two doors, it is a four-door model with a hatchback trunk. Its three-liter gasoline V6 engine is supercharged and can take over when the electric engine runs out of power. It is good in acceleration, provides better handling and breaking, and a perfect fit for shoppers looking for bigger capacity hybrid cars. Like the BMW i8, the maximum seating capacity for the Panamera is four passengers.

Hybrid SUV

This car has a fuel economy of 28mpg when combined. It can seat up to seven people, making it one of the largest electric cars of 2016. It has a maximum seating capacity for seven people and a cargo capacity of 83 cubic feet. It comes with good acceleration, quiet ride, and many other features. If you want an electric car for you and your family, the hybrid SUV is the ideal model.

Toyota Camry hybrid

Its fuel economy combined is between 40 and 41 miles per gallon. Trunk volume is about 13.1 cubic feet and has a seating capacity of five people. If you are looking for an electric car with front-wheel-drive operation and drive train warranty, then it is the ideal model. In addition to the mentioned features, it comes with good acceleration, quiet interior, and good handling on the highway.

This list does not include all the models of electric cars in the market, but the mentioned cars are top on the list. For more information, you can browse websites dealing in cars such as