Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Top Reasons to Visit Datford

Visit Datford

Take a walk in the Park

If you are a fan of natural flora and fauna, the Central Park in Datford is an excellent place to catch a glimpse of natural views. It is advisable to visit the park in July, when the big Datford festival takes place. You can get a close view of up to 45,000 of colorful plant species. The park has a large playground for children in case you visit with your young loved one. Also present in the park are traditional swings, climbing nets, slides, and more to give children a thrilling park experience. To the southeast of the city, you are exposed to a wide collection of birds and insects including rabbits, grasshoppers, and more.

Shop as much as you want

Dartford is home to many shopping complexes to give visitors a fulfilling shopping experience. The Bluewater shopping complex is a section for shoppers, having been operational for over a decade. The shopping center boasts several international awards to its name, including a Millennium Product Match award. Located on a valley with chalk cliffs above it, this is one of the areas you must visit in Dartford. It is associated with some of the world’s renowned brands such as Mark and Spencer, John Lewis, and more. You cannot leave the shopping area before you set your foot on The Thames Walk, the Rose Gallery, a boating lake, cycle track, and a fishing lake.

Enjoy a visit to the training centers

Dartford contains one of the internationally recognized training centers such as Dartford Judo Club, which is a top sporting club in the UK. The center has full-sized mats, a spectator space that can accommodate up to 400 spectators. The club has a weight-training space, a social area, and a seminar room.

Stylish sport in Dartford

Dartford houses Princess Park Community Stadium, which is a significant landmark of the area. The stadium graces environment friendly features, such as timber cladding, a grassed roof, and a water-recycling system. Individuals, teams, and organizations can book their spaces for various sporting activities. The stadium has a clubhouse, community pitch, gardens, and a public plaza.

With the features mentioned in this piece and more, Dartford remains a significant place to visit in Kent and the entire UK.