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Playstation Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle Tech

If you enjoy computer games and love the Playstation, then you probably are aware of the Playstation Vita. The latest version is known as playstation vita borderlands 2 bundle tech. This basically means this gadget comes as part of a $199 Borderlands 2 bundle. This product is from Sony Inc. of Japan and is now also available in the United States. It is officially referred to as Sony Playstation Vita Slim and is now available globally in countries such as the UK, France, Canada, Singapore and South Korea. There are a couple of great features about the playstation vita and some features that may not be so great.

One of the great features is that this new Vita Slim Playstation can be charged using any micro USB cable. This makes charging it an easier process for most users. Compared to Playstation 4, it is much lighter in weight and thinner in size. This is a plus as it makes it more portable and easier to handle when gamin. It also comes with a great and much improved battery which lasts much longer compared to its predecessor. It is also great for streaming local games. It also has a much wider gaming library, offering users or gamers a wider choice of games.

However, this playstation vita borderlands 2 bundle tech needs expensive memory cards in order to work. These are rather cumbersome and the cost not very welcome. It features a less vivid display unit compared to the original devices and older games do not play very well on this device. This is a drawback that some players may not like very much. The playstation vita borderlands remains a favorite gaming device and useful hardware for portable gaming. Many believe this gadget is lots of fun and totally worth the cost. it is a great gadget for playing games on the go and will come in handy when traveling, when bored or when you are hanging out with friends, family or co-workers.


[photo: tecnostore.pe]