Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Here Are The Designated Bank Holidays 2016 For The UK

Public holidays are observed across the UK each year. These are special days when non-essential services and most business close down. Bank holidays can be said to be holidays when banks and many businesses across the UK close down for the day. Most UK public holidays are also referred to as bank holidays and these two terms are often used interchangeably, making it a bit confusing to many people. While most banks remain closed on all public holidays, many shops and stores remain open and serve members of the public.

The following are some of the designated public holidays in the UK. They include bank holidays 2016 and other holidays generally observed across the United Kingdom. There’s New Year’s Day on 1st January 2016 followed by St Patrick’s Day on 17th March. Good Friday and Easter Monday followed on 25th March and 28th March respectively. Early May Bank holiday is expected on 2nd May followed by Spring Bank Holiday on the 28th of the same month. The next bank holidays 2016 occurs on 1st August which is the Summer Bank Holiday in Scotland and 29th of August for the Summer Bank Holiday across the rest of the UK.

St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on 30th November in Scotland with the final public holidays in the UK being Christmas day on the 25th of December and Boxing day on the 26th of December. These are the major public holidays of 2016 in the UK and they include bank holidays 2016. Some of these holidays may have different dates in some places, especially Scotland. Most Scottish Bank holidays are similar to UK holidays but there could be a couple of variations in the dates. These are, however, always clearly marked on calendars.

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