Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Free AVG download on your computer

Free AVG download increases protection against viruses, Trojans, malware and spy-ware, the safe navigation of the Web and reception of E-mail.

The new version of AVG Free, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, removes deleted data safely and permanently, and are not accessible or recoverable.
The latest version of AVG Free includes improvements and new features, has a user interface suitable for use with the latest generation of multi-touch screens and make interaction with menus and options more immediate.

The interface has been designed with input from a broad group of users. Besides the new design of the interface-oriented touch, AVG Free provides faster installation and a system scan hard drives more accurate, fast and reliable. Also decreased the chances of blocking during the playing of video games.
When you install AVG Free you can choose between two modes: fast, recommended for novice users and personalized, adapted to the most expert. The installation of AVG Security Tool-bar allows you to raise additional protection when browsing of the potentially dangerous websites.

The main window shows the different sections style tiles introduced by Microsoft with Windows 8. The different sections allow access and the protection of personal data on the computer, and while surfing the web and the reading of the email. If a threat is detected, it opens a dialog box containing information on the name of the malicious and the related object and can even connect to a web page to get more details. Also is included the possibility of entrusting to AVG Anti-virus free the choice of the most appropriate action to be taken to remove the threat.
In conclusion, the download and use of AVG free is a good method of defending your computer.