Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Intersting Facts about Starfish Marine Life

What most people may not be aware of is the fact that Starfish are not real fish. Simple scientific explanation behind this is that despite their living in the sea, these creatures have no gills, fins or scales hence no resemblance to fish. Furthermore, they propel themselves using tiny tube feet as opposed to the tail that fish use.

There are thousands of starfish species with an estimate of two thousand species found in the sea. These animal species vary in their habitats with some living in deep water, others in the tropics, cold water as well as the inter tidal zones.

Even though the most common sea stars known to men have five arms, there are some with more arms. The sun star is a perfect example especially because it comes with forty arms. In addition, its ability to regenerate an arm is a perfect survival mechanism in the sea. Usually, these animals are high predator targets. When this happens, the starfish can drop an arm and proceed to grow another as long as it is out of harm’s way.

Starfish have unique amour protection. This is dependent on the species as some may feel leathery or prickly. Its tough upper side covering is made up of calcium carbonate with tiny spines. These spines come in handy when protecting itself against common predators such as sea urchins, birds and fish.

As opposed to blood vascular systems, these unique animals have a water vascular system. The star fish expands or retracts by pumping sea water through its sieve plate. Their tube feet fill with sea water which explains why starfish move faster than most animals.

The unique nature of starfish does not stop at that with their ability to feed with their stomachs inside out. It is this unique feeding mechanism that allows the starfish to eat prey larger than it would have.