Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Philips AmbiLux TV, Tv with a Difference

Philips maintained a constant attendance at the IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany and did not disappoint with its Philips AmbiLux Tv. Although most companies seemed a bit safe this year, Philips delivered on an excellent product that deserves a world wide recognition. If you thought its 2014 AmbiLight was a pleasant surprise in the electronics industry then you have more coming. Like most other manufacturers that focused on the 4k delivery systems as well as HDR standards, Philips real attraction is different even though it incorporates all the above.

Philips has pimped its AmbiLight idea to the maximum. It makes use of nine pico projectors at the back of the TV hence extending the on-screen images and colors. The chaos in all this comes together to create a wonderful visual TV. Though previous Philips TV inventions were somewhat novelty, it is what AmbiLux TV can do that is the real gold. The interesting things that this TV can do especially when playing games is distracting yet amazingly so.

More than just splash colors across the walls, each projector in this TV works toward forming broad shapes through replication. The geometry of the games as expressed in the demo can easily extend beyond the screen’s confines in a definitive manner.

With its 65 inch LCD display and an Android TV OS with 4 HDMI ports as well as 3 USB sockets, this TV is obviously the best you can get. Despite lighting concerns when watching a narration that do not come with standard lighting as is in games, this TV remains the best there is on the market. Furthermore, the ability to refine color spread through available options will get you something that fits your taste. You can play around with Philip’s hue light hubs allowing you to extend light shows to other sources.

Although there is no pricing list available on stores across Europe and Uk, the Philips AmbiLux Tv is going to be expensive when the prices are finally released and this would not be a surprise, not with with its excellent features.