F Pace Jaguar, Entry with a Bang

Pace Jaguar

The Frankfurt motor show was the ideal place to reveal in full the magic behind F Pace Jaguar sports car. With a world breaking public stunt to accompany its unveiling, it would be rather difficult not to notice this magnificent car and acknowledge the power it posses. The video of Terry Grant the stunt driver defying gravity to achieve the highest loop ever made by a car is proof enough that the F Pace Jaguar can do more than other cars.

Although its styling comes as no surprise especially because most of the designing resembles the CX 17 of 2013, this SUV is still magnificent. This car is described as a performance cross over especially for people who enjoy a good drive. Arguments still abound as to whether the F-Pace jaguar could have outdone Porsche’s Macan and toppled it as the best sports SUV released so far. It is a matter of preference as this depends on the driver in question. One thing though is that Jaguar’s competitive prices makes it an obvious preference not to mention its excellent performance.

First things first, F-Pace Jaguar’s engines and trims influence buyers decisions. With three engines available from the launch, drivers have a number of options. Regardless of the engine choice you make, the F-Pace Jaguar ranks as one of the fastest vehicles in any books.

Managing speeds of 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds, there are few USV’s that can beat it. Furthermore, depending on a drivers financial capability and style preferences, any of the four models will give you a taste of F-Pace Jaguar. You can go for the prestige, R-sport, Portfolio or the S model as long as you find your perfect fit.

Limited first editions also exist although they come in a 3.0V6 diesel engine. Either way, the F-Pace Jaguar is a car worth owning.