Every model cars produce is for the individual

Pandering to the notion of the “individual” is real in every way and even the model cars produce are geared toward ensuring that the individual tastes of car buyers are entirely catered for. It used to be the case, not so long ago, that car manufacturers would create new car models sporadically; and understandably since the costs involved in producing a new car model are no small change. But that time seems a distant memory now with the plethora of options available to consumers to choose a car that suits them in every way.

One may be forgiven for asking the obvious, ‘why would car manufacturers go through financial pains just to offer consumers more choice than they already have?’; since a car is necessity and will get purchased regardless of whether the specs available suit the personal tastes of the consumer. Yet, a car is a little more than just a necessity; it is a personal statement about who one is, what one likes and appreciates aesthetically and indeed what one can afford or at least be seen to afford. A car is inspirational, for there are those whose entire self worth is tied to the car brand that will communicate how amazing they are; things that apparently they cannot communicate all by themselves.

But with every new model cars manufacture to suit the ever more nuanced needs of their consumers, the more money consumers must be prepared to pay. Because for all the features, and specs and options made available to the consumer, a price tag is attached