Bail bonds give innocent defendants much needed reprieve

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty so in that respect bail bonds provide reprieve for everyone charged of a criminal offence. However of the many awaiting trial, there are only really a few who are truly ‘innocent’, that is to say that those who have been accused falsely, and it is this group of the criminally charged for whom having a bail bond agent secure the money required for their bail is well and truly welcome.

One cannot imagine the terror of being accused falsely for a crime, and especially when the crime in question is considered heinous or particularly aggressive. Law enforcement officers may be trained to treat criminal suspects charged with criminal offences as being innocent until they are proven otherwise, but that does not preclude one from the full and unmitigated trauma of spending time in the prison system and the taunting one abuse meted out. No matter the circumstance, prison is not a pleasant place for anybody, not least of which those who don’t deserve to be there.

So when bail bonds are secured, the relief that follows is not just at the fact of having time for the criminally charged to spend with loved ones until the court proceedings commence , but more importantly for the truly innocent to be away from the prison environment.