Non money betable casino required

Every casino has betting in monetary terms as a requisite, and understandably so; but a non-monetary betable casino is required, where the betting that takes places is not with money but other investments. Gambling in and of itself and the rush it feeds to the adherents is the biggest part of the pastime, and money just happens to be a commodity that represents the reward or loss incurred in the process, so substituting one commodity for another is a possibility that must be explored.

Many people are under the misguided notion that gambling is about money, and understandably so, since people pour billions every year into slot machines, casino tables and every other form of monetary based gambling available. However, gambling is more about satisfying a need that gamblers have than the throwing away or acquisition of money. Some do it as a way of relieving stress, and others as a means of satisfying their risk versus reward impulse, and still others see gambling as a way of acquiring power. Whatever the reason one thing remains, money is secondary to the point of gambling or the legions of gamblers who lose without fail every time they go to a casino would not keep going back.

A non-monetary betable casino can still provide people with the core satisfaction they derive from gambling without risking people’s hard earned money, pension funds, homes, children’s education funds and even leaving some destitute with broken homes and homeless. Finding and using a different currency for gambling, one that is not so high risk allows people to indulge in their pastime without the high price tag attached to losing money in the process.