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Wireless phones in the home absolutely redundant

Wireless phones and indeed any manner of phone for the home are absolutely redundant and I’ll demonstrate why. When was the last time that you were at home and were not able to communicate with your mobile phone? Because really that’s the crux of why having a phone in the house is utterly unnecessary. That and the fact that we live in a mobile era, and by mobile I don’t mean because of the absolute necessity of having a mobile phone, but because the average modern day homo sapien is constantly on the move and thus requires communication technologies that address this need.

Sure there are people whose homes come fully equipped with house phones, and there’s usually a good reason for that; like that they prefer an internet connection that is tethered to a landline or that they delight in the prospect of old school communication devices. Be that as it may, most people cannot justify the double cost of keeping a mobile phone, which is their primary mode of communication, while also paying for a landline which effectively serves the exact same purpose as the mobile phone.

An indeed, why would one keep two devices that do the same thing? Despite the fact that wireless phones differ from ordinary house phones on account of being able to take them anywhere around the house, the fact remains that one mobile phone that you can take everywhere you go is enough all on its own without being supplemented by a house phone.