Luxury casino gamblers keep casino doors open

A luxury casino is a little like a luxury resort; you spend copious amounts of money in order to have the same experience that financially inept people have. Well, the experience may be branded differently, in order to reflect the splurge committed to of course, so there’ll be a ‘one of a kind experience’ here and a ‘experience the best’ there all for the sake of deflecting from the main issue which is that gamblers at luxury casinos keep the doors open with their ‘premium’ money.

Gambling is often identified as an addictive pastime, one that under the right conditions and circumstances leads otherwise sane and in control folk down the path of unmitigated financial ruin. But the profile of person often associated with gambling addiction is the lower end gambler of the slot machine variety toiling away at your average run of the mill casino. The luxury casino gambler is not scrutinized with the same eye, with mainly the glitz and glamour taking center stage.

Yet the same gambler who keeps the doors open at an average casino, is the same profile of gambler that keeps the doors open at a luxury casino. For gambling is gambling, no matter the fancy decor and trimmings adorned at the place of gambling; gamblers keep the doors open at casinos.