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Samsung Galaxy S6 may herald hope for technophobes

I’ll be perfectly frank, I’m completely apprehensive about opening myself to technology; yet having fiddled around with the Samsung Galaxy S6 that may very well change; with some incentive of course. It’s not that I have a personal grudge against anything modern or dead set against the winds of change and where their current is taking us. No. I just simply cannot be asked to spend even a modicum of my time figuring out which ‘App’ does what and where I can navigate to in order to make my life ‘easier’.

If anything it seems like the more one embraces technology, the more likely one is to head down the spiral of tech-entrapment. I mean there’s virtually an App for every conceivable need and whim, with no sign of the flooding in of more Apps in sight. Yet with smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, one can quite easily make use of the features that one needs – emphasis on ‘needs’ – without committing too much brain power or time to the exercise. The interface layout houses the icons one frequently uses, which means no lengthy navigating into countless subsections in order to get to what you need – every technophobe’s haunt – and if the icons aren’t there one can simply add them on the home screen.

Now before the technology pundits and iPhone fanatics alike crucify me, I’m well aware that the Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t the only gadget that can do this. But for the sake of not overwhelming those who see anything tech-related as too much too soon, it’s best to leave it at one gadget.