Land Rover Discovery Sport smaller but no less appealing

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is part of the third generation compact SUV produced by Land Rover. After market research revealed that consumers fancied an SUV smaller than Range Rover and Discovery models, the Land Rover Freelander – which would later be succeeded by the Land Rover Discovery Sport – was born.

With a smaller SUV on offer, consumers have the benefit of the important features in the Land Rover Discovery Sport but without the overly imposing physicality of the Range Rover and similarly designed SUV’s. But smaller certainly doesn’t mean less in anyway, since the Land Rover Discovery Sport is powered by the same engine that is featured in the Discovery Sport’s predecessors. And the design alone is enough to put it one step above the more traditional and bulkier Land Rover models, as its striking and distinctly sporty exterior gives it a style aesthetic unique from its competitors as well as its sister models within the Land Rover family.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is certainly one of a kind insofar as visual appeal is concerned and power behind the drive. And while it may be a departure from the more familiar looking models in the Land Rover clan, its differences are precisely the pull factor required to get people into cars and drive off with them.