Motorcycle helmets do more than prevent major head injuries

Any motorcyclist worth the motorcycle they mount will attest to the fact that motorcycle helmets do more than just prevent major head injuries, they saves lives. These motorcyclists needn’t have had been in a motorcycle accident themselves of course, for every motorcyclist knows at least one fellow rider who has had the misfortune of being in a motorcycle collision.

Those who have survived to tell the tale often have one thing in common, wearing their motorcycle helmets. It’s no secret that this protective gear is pivotal in ensuring that during a motorcycle accident the motorcyclist is spared the unfortunate eventuality of damage caused by impact to the head. But more than that, wearing a helmet actually saves the lives of those who put them on before embarking on their ride. So effective is the lifesaving capability of motorcycle helmets that road accident campaigns that are aimed at reducing road fatalities create entire campaigns imploring motorcyclists to don helmets as a matter of absolute necessity.

And while there are still motorcyclists who insist on riding without motorcycle helmets, their fate lies on the hope that they don’t find themselves the unwitting victim of a collision. Or worse yet, the casualty of a fatal head injury from said collision.