Accor hotels adds to the tally of hotels to choose from

Let’s be honest, there will come a time in the not so distant future when holiday makers around the world stumble upon Accor hotels and think, “really? Yet another hotel from the already dizzying plethora of hotels to choose. Wonderful.” And this will most likely not be an expression of unparalleled euphoria, for the prospect of wading through the seemingly endless list of hotels on offer is enough to turn the most ardent ‘glass is half full’ advocate into an unrepentant cynic.

Sure, the freedom of choice is one of democracy’s supreme triumphs and one would be hard pressed to find a thinking human being living in the modern world who would readily relinquish their right to choose. However, with more things on offer demanding we exercise our highly cherished right to choose, a curious case of choice-fatigue starts to kick in. That’s when the unthinkable happens, yearning to have less things to choose from because really, will one be majorly astounded at the hotel experience of one similarly rated hotel from another?

To be fair, Accor hotels may very well offer a hotel experience worlds apart from every other hotel in its category and with similar rating; but the onus is on them to convince holiday makers to try ‘yet another’ hotel amid all the ones already on offer. The rest will have to speak for itself.