Flights to New York City needn’t cost a pretty penny

Flights to New York City are notoriously costly, and for good reason since most people with a penchant for travelling have the big apple on their ‘bucket list’. And it isn’t just an item to be crossed off some obscure to-do list, but a rather impressive part of the world which offers far more than one is able to enjoy over a single and non-lengthy stay.

Yet the irony of New York City attracting millions of travellers flying in from every part of the globe is that the flights aren’t getting any cheaper, for typically destinations which boast high frequency on that route tend to lessen the cost of travel to that destination. But despite what may seem like the impossible trip to New York City given the exorbitance of everything there, including the flights into the city, there are ways to secure inexpensive flights to the big apple. The most obvious being low cost airlines of course since they guarantee lower rates at any given time to any destination when compared to their non-low cost competitors. However, one needn’t wait for a seat to open up on these often ‘fully booked in advance airlines’, because one tried and tested way to lower the cost of an airline ticket is booking at least six months in advance on any airline of one’s choosing as this is the window period when tickets are lower than closer to the date one wishes to depart.

And while there are ways of getting flights to New York City that won’t break the bank, that’s only one part of an entire trip that’s almost guaranteed to cause major damage to the bank account. So best google other cost saving tricks on visiting the city of bright lights and skyscrapers of dizzying heights while also getting most out of the experience.