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Mobile broadband, convenient but costly

Since its inception, mobile broadband has been the technological marvel that has ushered in the age of convenient internet connectivity for all those whose mobile phones have the capability. Essentially the equivalent of using ones mobile phone as a router, mobile broadband allows users internet connectivity anywhere that their mobile phone can go; making it infinitely expedient to do business and other work that requires the internet everywhere one goes.

However with all the technological advancements which edge humanity closer to invincibility, there is always a proverbial price to pay, and in the case of connecting via mobile broadband the price is quite literally higher data costs since connecting to the internet using mobile broadband is far more expensive than connecting on a landline. Yet the trade-off easily makes up for the costs involved, as internet access is not confined to usage at home where the cheaper option of a landline is. At any given moment one needs to have internet access to connect with loved ones and engage in business activities that require ones immediate attention, and waiting to get home before doing all these things is often not an option.

Understandably, mobile broadband is not a viable option for everyone since cost is a major factor when it comes to internet connectivity. But for those who don’t flinch at the cost of the things that make their life much easier, then mobile broadband is a clear choice for internet connectivity.