Laterooms is only the beginning of the travel expenditure

Laterooms provides holiday makers who leave the business of booking accommodation for the very last minute a wide selection of guestrooms, hotels, bed & breakfasts and many more lodgings to suit their every need. And indeed, there’s not a traveler who would be hard pressed to find the right accommodation at a price that’s well suited for their pockets on Laterooms. However, booking holiday accommodation albeit at the last minute is really only the beginning of the trip expenditure.

The costs involved in holiday making are often sketchy at first glance; as travelers can never approximate the amount of money they will have to part with in their quest for holiday thrills. There’s a an oft-cited adage in the travelers’ circuit, that the most expensive part of a trip should be the plane ticket and accommodation; and sure enough those base costs do work out to be the lion’s share of the travel expenses. But each trip brings with it its own additional and hidden costs, costs that travelers only run into when in the thick of the experience. Travel scams that cost hundreds of pounds, tour operators that charge more than their advertised price, and culinary experiences that plunge the food budget over the set limit are just some of the costs that whittle at the travel budget until it’s completely obliterated.

While budget woes can turn a perfectly festive holiday into a post-travel debt nightmare that takes months to recover from, it is entirely possible to ensure a travel break without plummeting into financial ruin. But certainly, booking last minute accommodation with Laterooms when a booking made well in advance would offer cheaper options is not the way to go about keeping travel liquidity in check.