Not having car insurance will ultimately cost you more

Not having car insurance

Car insurance is a contentious issue and quite polarising as well because motorists are very partial about whether they absolutely cannot be without it or that they absolutely cannot be party to the supposed ‘rip-off’ that is car insurance. And sure enough this preference shows in the trends of car insurance being purchased in relation to the motorists on the road. And for those who choose not to take out car insurance, there are many reasons why, but all have to do with parting with money.

Yet the irony of not wanting to pay money for insurance every month is that one will eventually have to part with even more money and all at once when one finds oneself in the unfortunate position of being in a car wreck. And while there are overly cautious drivers who have clean records in terms of car accidents, accidents are often less about how you drive and how the other people on the road drives which means one has very little control actually with regard to accidents. And when one does find oneself in a car wreck, the costs associated with repairing the damage can range from unaffordable to financially ruinous.

So while it may seem like one is saving money by denouncing car insurance, in the end, it will seem a small price to pay monthly when compared to the once-off financial commitment required when one doesn’t have insurance and finds oneself in a car accident.