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Free sim cards should be mandatory for every service provider

Free sim cards must be offered as mandatory by all service providers, and not just to contract users of those service providers but those who are not on contract as well. The cost of a sim card is so insignificant, and add to that the billions made by service providers from credit sold to users in order for calls, texts, and other services to be used on the service provider’s network more than makes up for the loss in revenue from the free sim cards.

Service providers who wish to attract new customers may offer free sim cards, and this is a stellar marketing strategy for given the option to buy a new sim card and getting a free one, most people would opt for the latter. But more than just a good marketing ploy, service providers who offer free sim cards to new users as well as old ones who wish to change service providers allow for a wider range of people to access their network and more consumers using service providers without any barriers of entry means more money for service providers.

Of course the benefit doesn’t only flow in the direction of service providers, but consumers also stand to benefit from free sim cards, since they have a wider selection of service providers to choose from.