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Sony’s New Xperia Z4: What’s in Store

With the success of its Xperia Z3 model, there is plenty of anticipation around the release of Sony’s New Xperia Z4. The release date was originally scheduled for sometime before summer, though a slew of Internet rumours have it coming out as late as September. No one knows for sure, but enough details have been leaked for us to start putting together a pretty good picture of what the phone will be like.

With the Z3 costing £550, it’s safe to guess that the Z4 will come in at a similar price range. This gives us some clues as to what features we can expect. It’s certainly reasonable to speculate about a HD 1080 x 1920 screen, and Sony will possibly push size up to 5.5-inches. The phone will also most certainly employ the OmniBalance design that make its predecessors so popular, though it will likely be thinner and possibly more rounded at the edges.

We can also expect Sony to keep with the mirrored front and rear, and hold true to the same button positions as the Z3.

There are also rumours suggesting that Sony will release different versions of the phone with different screen sizes and resolution.

But with all the speculation, will Sony’s New Xperia Z4 live up to the hype? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out!