Trusted Premier League predictions

Football is one of the most popular games in the world hence the many premier league predictions. The thrill of the game gets fans off their seats whether at stadiums, the bar or at home. This explains why there are numerous predictions as everyone tries to get a piece of the action. Some people are making a fortune out of this phenomenon as they take advantage of people’s love for the game and soccer teams to make predictions and bet for cash.

One team that has a large following is Manchester United. Thanks to Southampton’s draw with West Ham united in the 25th week, the team leapt back to third position in premier league rankings. As for Liverpool, only three points threaten to get them out of the European spot even after their Tottenham Hotspur win. Chelsea on the other hand maintains a strong standing with a seven-point lead making them a favorite for many fans. After all, they seem like the most viable titleholders this season. During the 26th week, the Reds visit Southampton and West Ham for an away match scheduled for that week.

While Burney showed an extremely starling performance against Manchester united in the 25th week, Chelsea did not have an easy time breaking through Everton. Manchester city on the other hand required a strong second hand for them to overcome their poor first half match against Stoke City. Fans can however rest easy knowing that Toure’s return from ACON 2015 will bring back the much-needed defense to boost the team’s overall performance. Everton has had a great defense strategy only until the unfortunate Stamford Bridge game on Wednesday.

The team that needs to credit for their effort against United at old Trafford is Burnley. This season’s premier league champions, City together with Chelsea have consistently registered impressive results that warrants their stay at the top. Furthermore, the number of minimal injuries registered by both teams suggest that they will continue being at the top unless otherwise. Two teams that are predicted to enter week 26 with zeal and momentum are Southampton and Liverpool. These because of their sharpened defenses that only the best teams can beat.

This is a chance for them to show the devils that they can be a deadly challenge for the Reds. All that is left to say is to wait and see as experts and newbies continue to give their premier league predictions to tell who was right all along.