Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

We all know it, and hate it. Yeah, that’s right … belly fat!

Unless you dance the Arabian nights, belly fat is a total pain … in the belly!

So what are some of the best ways to lose belly fat? Well, there are some tried and true winners. Here we break some of them down for you:

1) Cut back on carbs, especially after dinner.

Carbohydrates are present in wheat and flour based foods like bread and pasta, and anything with sugar. Potatoes are another source of carbohydrates. The body has a hard time breaking down carbs and, especially when we’re sedentary, they tend to accumulate in the body in the form of fat.

2) Exercise.

This is a no brainer. Aerobic exercise, especially, can really make a difference here. Some trainers suggest abdominal strengthening exercises though there are also those who say that this will only transform your fat into hard muscle, which is not exactly what you want.

3) Dieting in general.

There are many diets out there, but most of them have a few things in common: avoid sugars, avoid junk food, try eating smaller portions, drink plenty of water and stay active. Stick to these rules and you’re sure to start seeing results, both around your waistline and your energy level and mood!

4) Avoid beer, and alcohol in general

Alcohol, and especially beer, really hit you where it hurts. Beer is full of carbs and most alcoholic drinks contain sugars that go straight you-know-where. Alcohol also releases estrogen, which makes you prone to put on more weight. Enjoy a fruit or vegetable juice smoothie instead!

Say goodbye to belly fat!