How to Overcome Challenges of Mobile Home Ownership

Mobile homes provide housing to millions of families worldwide. Many people find them cost-effective compared to conventional homes mainly because they are bought complete from the factory without the owner’s participation in the building process. However, it is important to know that mobile homes have their own challenges. In fact, research has revealed that six out of ten mobile home owners report a major problem with the products.

To avoid pitfalls with manufactured homes, it is advisable for owners to beware of the challenges in advance and know the measures they can take to avoid them. The following are some of the areas to observe when you opt for a mobile home.

Land: always remember that you buy your mobile home separately from the land on which to set it up. At the time of making your budget, remember to factor in the cost of land into the overall budget. Based on your preference, you can purchase land permanently or lease it for a period. Besides, after you purchase the land, be sure to make it ready for your home. Activities such as gate work, lawns, electrical and water connections, driveways, and others are all your responsibility.

If you put your home in a park, the landlord may absorb some costs under the ‘park packages’ program. However, when this is your option, remember to include increase in rental charges because of such costs by the property owner. Since mobile homes come from recognized dealers, transportation charges are part of the overall cost of the home, which is why it may shoot at times. However, if you buy a used mobile home in place, you do not have to worry about transport and installation charges.

If you are a new mobile home owner, you need to consider long-term cost of other services in your mobile home budget. You need to consider the cost of insurance, utilities such as water, electricity, taxes, repairs, and maintenance. Even with warranties that come from manufacturer, many mobile home users have reported major out-of-pocket expenses for repair and maintenance in their first year of ownership.

It is also important to compare prices of site-built homes in your community with those of mobile homes. If you know your options, you can negotiate accordingly when you choose to buy manufactured homes. If this is your first home, you can also invest in the services of a certified counselor for property ownership. Mobile homes are almost similar to conventional homes in terms of management and maintenance.

Tips from a certified counselor can help you with your responsibilities of home ownership. Next time you consider buying a mobile home, consider these these factors and you are likely to make the best decision in mobile home ownership.