Principal Advantages of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. However, not many people know the benefits they can derive from owning such homes compared to site-built homes. Here are some of the principal advantages of mobile homes that make them a worthy investment.

Warranty: unlike site-built homes, mobile homes come with warranties. For site-built homes, it may be difficult to find a contractor to fix a problem after buying the home. In mobile homes, most companies provide a one-year warranty on construction, giving owners peace of mind knowing that they are covered should anything go wrong within the warranty period. Besides, there is special warranty on parts such as windows, doors, siding, as well as bathroom and kitchen fixtures. However, it is important to know that many companies offer warranty on new manufactured homes only and not on used properties.

As a buyer, you need to ask your supplier a few questions about the period of the warranty, what it covers, and what makes it void. Finally, you need to keep a copy of the warranty and not just a summary of the document. This is your tool for appropriate reference as required.

Appreciation: contrary to what many people think, manufactured homes also appreciate, just as other site-built properties. With proper construction and maintenance, the value of a mobile home goes up with time. However, just as in other properties, the value depends on a number of factors including dynamics of local market, inhabitants of the community, initial value of the house, and age of the house among others.

Beautiful community: well-built mobile homes provide a beautiful community to live in. Owners can rent a private space to put up the homes and usually the environment is peaceful without worry of lawn maintenance and repairs that are common in site-built homes. The style of construction depends on the user’s preference. Mobile homes can be secure with gates or open with beautiful landscapes and organized social places such as walking trails, swimming pools, and even golf courses.

Environment friendly: in addition to their availability in different designs, sizes, and colors, the most important aspect of manufactured homes is their minimum impact on the environment. Contractors involved in their construction often recycle materials to ensure that environmental resources are not depleted. Using modular technology, the construction process takes less material without compromising the strength of the structure.

The result is an environmentally friendly structure with low-flow faucets, and high efficiency water heaters that utilize natural solar energy. The roofs are also well-designed to collect rainwater and reduce carbon emissions.