Celebrating the Strange and Freaky in Business Cards

coffin cards

Let’s talk about a freaky design concept for business cards. A funeral home director has decided to order a new set of business cards that show his clients and guests his fun and quirky side, and help lighten someone’s emotional burden while dealing with a loss in the family. He met with the designer to discuss his ideas. He wanted foldable business cards that transform into tiny versions of Dracula’s casket. The funeral director’s full name, the funeral home’s business name and address, and their phone numbers are prominently visible on the coffin’s lid.

Making the casket as the focus of the business card design strengthens the connection in people’s minds between the funeral home and caskets. This is especially helpful since they’re in the business of providing a comfortable resting place for the deceased and easing the suffering of the grieving family. The task of folding the correct parts of the card in the right sequence redirects a person’s attention away from the sadness and grief. Plus, seeing the card transform into something else leads to a sense of accomplishment, which offers a brief respite to someone in deep emotional pain.

Of course, the complexity of creating these foldable business cards may require another week or two to polish the kinks, so to speak. The irregular shape and size of the cards means that more paper is needed and this adds to the total amount to be paid. If a coffin business card has piqued your interest, but you have a limited budget, then a bi-fold business card that’s shaped like a 200-year-old coffin may be right up your alley. Don’t let the simplicity of the design fool you though. There’s enough space for a complete list of your services and their prices.

There’s great satisfaction in discovering business cards that emphasize the strange and freaky aspects of a person’s line of work or business. This is only enjoyable, however, when the card’s design is actually relevant to the person or company. Remember when those meat cards became everyone’s top must-have item in their wish list? It’s perfect for a butcher, but not for an executive president in charge of mergers and acquisitions. The innovative business card of a graduate research assistant offers a stark contrast to the meat guy’s card. The two round batteries and connected circuits bring power to a small LED light on the card’s lower right hand corner.

People who encountered the strange and freaky at one point and ended up having fun in spite of being scared out of their wits will always remember their enjoyable experience. This little quirk of human memory posits that very emotional experiences create a stronger impression in the person’s psyche. This is the very reason why business cards designed to shock, amaze and entertain the recipient have greater success in catching someone’s attention and holding that person’s interest.