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Why free sim cards are better than a lot of contracts

I started getting serious about my phone use a few months ago, around the time when free sim cards started seriously popping up on the scene.

Like a lot of people in the UK I was fed up of getting stung every month for half of my life savings, just through making a few phone calls.

Free sim cards, I found out, allow you to pay next to nothing for an impressive amount of phone usage, including unlimited texts, free Skype, and heaps of cheap calls.

SIM-only-provider GiffGaff, for one, is doing a sterling trade in free sim bundles.

With an £18 GiffGaff goody bag you get 2,000 inclusive minutes and unlimited texts a month, as well as unlimited data.

There are obvious benefits to this. Outlay is minimum (you only need to activate the card with £10 worth of credit);  you’re not locked into a contract, and you don’t need credit approval since it’s a prepay agreement. Plus, if your current bundle isn’t quite working for you, you can pick a different one the next month.

As a tasty little extra GiffGaff throws in £5 free credit when you sign up online for a free sim card (allow 2 – 3 days for postage.)  When you consider the amount of  calls and texts included already, that fiver could potentially see you through years of use…..

GiffGaff aren’t the only ones; most of the big networks are dishing out free sim cards which are as good as – if not better – than a lot of contracts.