Motability cars: three standouts from the latest 2014 price list

The new Motability cars price list for October 2014 is out and there are some snazzy additions to the line up.

The Citreon C4 Cactus – it’s zany and doesn’t care who knows it. Built in bumper bags on the side are the car equivalent of brown leather elbow patches on a checked shirt, but, somewhat remarkably on a vehicle, it’s a look that works. Citreon have also played fair with the price. Get your hands on a Cactus for £199 Advance Payment, or £499 for the 1.6 diesel Automatic.

Another reliable runabout causing a tremor of low-level excitement is the Ford Focus. With a range of new features this latest model is available for order now with delivery in November, and you’d be wise to sign up quick.

There are a number of things right with it – too long to list. But rest assured that the best is an 8 inch touchscreen allowing you to sync your phone with music and navigation.

Meanwhile The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is smouldering where it usually does: on the sexier end of the scale. Forget practicality, fuel emissions, cost or any of the standard considerations you might take into account when signing up for Motability cars – aesthetics are the main pull here. This is mid life crisis in a car.