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When free sim cards cover international calls…

Free sim cards for UK calls are one thing, but international pre paid SIMs are the ones that will save you a fortune when you’re drunk on holiday and can’t resist making that slurry 3am call home…..

A good place to get one

LycaMobile is probably the best well known international sim provider. Choose from two options: a free SIM without credit, which means you need to top up at a shop or online as soon as you get it; or a free SIM card with a top up plus extra free credit. The latter come in two sizes, with the larger costing £20 for £25 worth of credit, the smaller £10 for £12 of credit.

Vectone Mobile are drumming up business in the UK by offering free sim cards with price busting call rates. Benefit from 1p per minute to international numbers, as well as great rates on home turf. To get your free Vectone SIM card click ‘get freebie’ and submit the form.

Calls cost 1p per minute to international and UK landlines with the 02 free international SIM card calls while texts to anywhere in the world from the UK roll in at 12p. Order your free SIM on the O2 website.