Coach holidays are a curve ball worth considering

When in a global economic crisis it’s all about coming up with smart ways to make life that little bit more enjoyable on a budget, and coach holidays – surprisingly – tick that box.

Although I’ve never met anyone who actually goes on holiday on a coach (I knew they existed but thought that the target audience was pensioners and/or school trippers), being cash-strapped this summer forced me to reconsider.

My holiday this year  – and by holiday, I mean: flights, hotel and beer money – fell by the wayside.

So I mulled over the idea of a UK coach holiday which would allow me to skip the flights and move around in the process without being locked into a devastatingly expensive car hire, ( in my experience they’re always devastating….)

I won’t lie – I didn’t go on a coach holiday, or even come close to booking one. But I did give it serious thought, and I did take a look at some of the more interesting variations on the theme.  If the financial landscape is as grim next summer as it is now I certainly won’t be excluding it as an option.

 Coach holidays might not be on your bucket list, but then neither is sitting at home doing nothing while the rest of the world is out enjoying the summer….