Everything You Need to Know About Scooter Insurance

Scooters are among the modern types of automobiles that make movement easier from one point to another. They are relatively cheaper to maintain than cars, besides being environment friendly. This is because they emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, compared with other types of automobiles.

Scooter owners need motorcycle insurance

There are good reasons why as a scooter owner you need coverage. To begin with, it is within the law to have your scooter insured, according to government’s policy to have all the automobiles on the road registered. That makes it a mandatory requirement for all scooter owners.
Another reason for having your scooter covered is their relatively lower premium charges. This is because their spare parts are cheaper to afford and insurers often get fewer claims from owners. However, with many insurance service providers in the market, many times scooter owners find it difficult to get a reliable and dedicated service provider to meet their needs. It is therefore advisable to do a little research to find out the types of policies available for scooters and reliable providers to approach.

Types of scooter insurance

Three levels of coverage exist for scooters. Different companies offer different premium charges. While owners are free to select what suits them, it is advisable to avoid policies that are way below most rates in the market, as they may prove to be costly in the end. The type of coverage you choose for your scooter influences the amount you eventually pay on premiums.

The most basic level of coverage for a scooter is third party. Each owner needs to have that coverage, according to the law. In event of an accident that leaves another scooter damaged, the policy covers third party costs and not your own. In that case, you have to use your own money to repair your bike if it encounters damages.

However, another arm of third party policy offers additional protection. If you take third party fire and theft policy, your bike is covered in case of theft or destruction by fire. It therefore offers more protection than the basic third party coverage.

The most complete scooter coverage is the comprehensive policy. This gives you peace of mind as the bike is protected against all possible risks. Besides taking care of third party losses, the policy protects the scooter in case of an accident. However, owners need to prepare for higher premium costs because of improved protection.

How to get cheaper scooter insurance quotes

Since scooter coverage is mandatory, it is important for owners to look for service providers that offer better coverage at cheaper quotes. To get the best deals, owners can decrease their mileage, ride safely, and protect their bikes from theft by use of alarms. These are some of the means to reduce premium charges. For instance, if you ride safely on the road, you reduce chances of causing an accident. Alternatively, the lesser you ride, the lower the premium charges because of reduced exposure to accidents.