Are all the steam cleaners similar? A little review

the steam cleaners

Everybody needs a steam cleaner at home to be sure about the cleanliness of the floor and the rooms, but also of the clothes and of the curtains. Steam cleaners, in fact, have been created to remove not only dust and grease, but bacteria, too, so that all the allergens that can be found in a house have no chance when a steam cleaner is used.

But these machines are not all made in the same way, so that, depending on your needs and those of your house, you can choose different models, more or less powerful, and with more or less features. For example, some steam cleaner are detergent-free, and these are the cleaners more used by people that care about the Nature and the environment. When a steam cleaner must be selected, the most important thing to consider is the pressure of the steam, because, depending on this pressure, the cleaner has more or less cleaning capability.

Even if on the market there are really many and many kinds of steam cleaners, is it possible to divide these devices into three families: the handheld, the mop and the cylinders. The differences, of course, are not only of shape or size, and it is really important to realize what you can do and what you can not with the various models.
For example, the cylinder models are heavier if compared to the others, but they are also larger, so that they can contain more water to clean larger rooms without the need to refill them every time. They are suitable to clean all kinds of surfaces, thanks to the different nozzles and the possibility to regulate the steam pressure.
The hadheld steam cleaners are really easy to handle, as they are of small size and represent the best choice if you only need it to clean small areas, or if you do not use it very often.
The mop, instead, can be considered an evolution of the broom, but only for its shape. It is the best choice if you are only looking for a floor steam cleaner, as, because of its shape, it is not really comfortable to use anywhere else.

So, before buying any steam cleaners, it is important to realize what they can do and which are your needs.